Cutlery Options

The Hammered Japanese Damascus chef is as beautiful as it is functional. It holds it's edge due to a Rockwell C hardness 60-61. This Knife is availble in four sizes 180 mm, 210 mm, 240mm, 270mm, prices range from $300-$360 plus shipping.

The Hammered Japanese Damascus santoku is as beautiful as it is functional. It holds it's edge due to a Rockwell C hardness 60-61. This is a full size santoku measuring 12" overall and 7 1/4" of razor edge. $300.00 plus shipping.

Hammered Damascus Nakiri. Our best selling blade this is a slicing, chopping, and dicing dream to work with and is a must in any serious cooks kitchen. 300.00 plus shipping.

The hammered Damascus petty knife is big enough to do almost anything but small enough to do almost anything.
$210 plus shipping.

The 67 layer Maui Wave Nakiri is the none hammered version of this wonderful tool. $285 plus shipping.

The Maui Wave paring/table knife. This is the same 67 layer Japanese Damascus. I sell these individually or in sets. $130 for one $100 each in sets of four or more. As shown with a different wood on each knife. I can make up to 12 knife sets with different wood on each. This is the Treasures of Maui series.

The Maui Wave Collection includes this beautiful full sized chef knife made from the legendary Japanese VG-10 damascus. The 67 layers of 410 stainless steel folded over the high carbon core resemble the ocean waves and the edge below the temper line the sand beaches of Maui. This blade is super sharp, cutting with this knife is a different experience. With a Rockwell C hardness of 60-61 it will stay that way much longer than other stainless steels. This is truly a display piece as well as a wonderful knife to use. The overall size is 13 inches with 8 3/16 of cutting edge. The stainless bolster gives the knife a sleek finished look. Pictured below with Padauk. $350 plus shipping.

The Maui Wave Collection also includes this beautiful Santoku blade. With all the same features of the Maui Wave chef, this Japanese VG-10 Damascus blade is 11 3/4 inches overall with 7 inches of edge to work with. Pictured below with Pheasant Wood.
$330 plus shipping.

The Maui Wave Collection has this very versatile Small Chef. With all the advantages of the Japanese VG-10 Damascus this size blade becomes the go-to knife for many a cook. The overall size is 10 1/8 inch with 6 inches of razor edge. Pictured below with Kamani. $230 plus shipping.

The Maui Wave Collection finishes off with this easy to use Kitchen Utility knife. The Japanese VG-10 Damasces makes this one sharp and beautiful prep knife. Overall length is 8 3/4 inches with a blade length of 4 5/8 inches. Pictured below with Curly Koa. $210 plus shipping.

This is the best bread knife period. Made from the core steel of the Japanese damascus and with scallops to help whatever food you are slicing fall away from the blade. Almost 15" overall and a 12" edge. This knife can easily be sharpened. $190 plus shipping.

BBQ anyone? This large piece is 13 inches long with 5 X 1 1/4 inch fork. Made from sturdy 440C this BBQ fork has a huge handle to give you lots of leverage. The handle is rounded to fit snugly in your hands. $140 plus shipping. Pictured below with Koa.